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Mentored by james bartle thao vu

Quấn recalls the breeze of urban culture and Vietnamese community with a design approach that strongly focuses on sustainable elements. Highlighting the hidden wit of native people and balanced with aesthetics and functionality, Quấn is a friendly and youthful introduction that portrays the image of urbanization in Vietnam. The collection supports the sustainable movement of the fashion industry by using recycled materials from Saigon. Combined with experimentation and artistic expression in design and textiles manipulation and processes, Quấn carries a pioneering attitude through an impressive concept implementation, while capturing traditional culture ​​in the heart of the city and Vietnamese people.

Quấn collection brings colorful art to the local culture of Vietnam. From a citizen's perspective, electric cables are a unique symbol for the city, presenting a confused visual impression but constantly flowing energy. Using construction methods from knitting techniques, and crafting 3D shapes from recycled materials, Quấn brings an exciting presence to Vietnam's urban heritage. The whole collection underlines the nation's development and the witty voice behind the brand's activities.