An indigo-coloured coat that is hanging from the ceiling with arms outspread. The fabric itself has a white pattern on it that looks a little like waves or a topographical map.
Pham Hoang Linh
Linht Handicraft
Mentors: Pham Hoang Linh Dewi Cooke Thao Vu
Luu Nhu Ngoc
Khứ Hồi
Mentors: Luu Nhu Ngoc Jennifer Conroy-Smith Le Ba Ngoc
Man in pale blue suit posing on top of stationary motorcycle in front of greyscale gradient background.
Tom Trandt Minh Đạo
Mentors: Tom Trandt Minh Đạo James Bartle
An architectural model which has blue support structured - roof, plyons and railings, and straw-coloured mats that are a barrier to the outside. The model sits on a blonde-wooden floor and against a white wall.
Han Nha Dam
Mentors: Han Nha Dam Dale Hardiman Dương Nguyễn Ronnie Lacham